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Tribe of Mentors - Short Life Advice from the Best in the World - Timothy Ferriss

Buch-Review - Hannes Kleist - 02.10.2019

Tribe of Mentors - Short Life Advice from the Best in the World

The-four-hour-work-week totally changed my life. This one is a super dense treasure trove of wisdom.

The book recommendations alone filled my reading list up. 60 books. Will take me a year or two to plough through.


Steven Pressfield Be a cowboy. Drive a truck. Join the Marine Corps. Real work and real satisfaction come from the opposite of what the web provides.

Keep on trucking!

Kyle Maynard

he had his employees rate new candidates on a 1–10 scale. The only stipulation was they couldn’t choose 7.

Neat trick. This forces people out of the “ok-ish” zone.

Debbie Millman

We are now living in a society that sees busy as a badge.

Yeah. Finally, it got through to me. Creativity and profound thought do not happen in the 81 work hour. I do not even “work” 35 hours now.

Ignore: The news. Complainers, angry people, high-conflict people. Anyone trying to scare you about a danger that isn’t clear and present.

All forms of advertising, TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp

Matt Ridley

Self-sufficiency is another word for poverty.

One of the great mistakes of my life was it to want to do everything myself. Amateurism I call this.

Rather, either ask 10 experts and then do it yourself or hire an export.

Graham Duncan

The killer combination is high open-minded, high conscientious, low neurotic.

Jordan Peterson sings the same tune. I like it.

[When stressed] I ask myself “what would be the worst thing” about that outcome not going the way I want?

That is a nice way to come oneself down. I suggest writing it on a piece of paper as well for added effect.

Mike Maples Jr.

It will be tempting to live a life that impresses others. But this is the wrong path. The right path is to know that life is short, every day is a gift, and you have certain gifts.

Amen. I removed all my “ego” goals from my lists. And I try to watch my own behaviour (and thoughts) for situations where I try to impress people.

Dustin Moskovitz

Buddhists believe that we are the cause of our own suffering.

I second that. My #1 source of suffering is not external at all. (I have been very lucky so far with my luck. No family member sick or dying, no financial crises, …). My source is procrastination. If I had the balls to tackle things when they pop-up, nothing would escalate.

In the last five years, what have you become better at saying no to? The first no is by far the easiest and cleanest.

It’s also really not nice. You string somebody along under the false pretence. But you will just waste their time.

Richa Chadha

“Be so good that they can’t ignore you” is the motto I live by.

Max Levchin

When you aren’t sure about a key employee or a co-founder, odds are exceedingly low your mind will be changed for the better.

This should help me with procrastination as well. Cut the cord and suffer less in the future.

“Look for a partner you’ll try to impress daily, and one who will try to impress you.”

Good for life and business.

Neil Strauss “Learn more, know less.”

Could be my life’s motto. The more I read and learn the more humble I become. Also saying “I am humble” publicly is a cute contradiction.

It helped me realize that the secret to change and growth is not willpower, but positive community.

Interesting. I get real motivation from the board and Alexander. I wonder if there is a community?

We are in an arms race against distractions.

Amen. Future leaders will be formed not by their social upbringing but by their parents keeping them away from everything digital.

I have a big fight ahead. My wife and mother say it’s more important to be socially accepted in teenage years rather than non-distracted. Do I need to move my family to do both?

Veronica Belmont

I’ve only ever had one house motto: “Fuck you, pay me.” After having been a freelancer for almost a decade, I’d seen every trick in the book when it came to people trying to get my work for free.

Thank you for this. Every single client wants to get a “family discount” or a “partnership” where they do not pay.

People think their industry “inside” is a value when building digital products. It’s really not. I have seen every idea 10 times. They only differ in execution. We are pure execution.

Lewis Cantley

The best skill is to be able to communicate efficiently both in writing and speaking.

I’d say: Do not procrastinate, fight distractions, think deep. Then writing and speaking. But still. I need to invest in this. I already have books in writing. Need books on speaking and trainers.

Aniela Gregorek

I say no to blame, no to complaints, and no to gossip.

Those are just higher-level dopamine hits. Tools of the Resistance.

Amelia Boone

Growth and gains come from periods of rest.

So true. Your muscles do not grow in the gym. That’s only (and sadly) where you destroy fibres to produce a trigger.

Same with deep thought. They do not happen in the 81st hour in front of a spreadsheet.

They come to you when you are lying on the beach. But you need to have your house in order so your subconscious can work on these problems.

If your subconscious has to worry about the million things you need to get done, the muse won’t kiss you.

When I feel stuck, sometimes accomplishing a task, however mundane, gives me the momentum I need to refocus.

Ha ha. That’s a small dopamine kick. Works with alcohol and cigarettes (or so I have been told).

Look for something where you love the process, and the results will follow.

That is really tricky. That might be true for very focused tasks. Like a sport.

The real important aspects of your life require the opposite. You need to constantly do the shitty tasks to achieve long term fulfilment.

I tend to think, that you need to train your mind that you can find bliss and flow in the hard tasks.

That helps you to win life.

Annie Duke

Saying no to just about everything, but particularly to obligations that make me travel away from home.

Yeah. If you need to travel that makes it harder.

It’s hard to say no when you have to do sales, though…

Poker has taught me to disconnect failure from outcomes. Just because I lose doesn’t mean I failed, and just because I won doesn’t mean I succeeded.

This triggered something interesting in me. I never learned to loose.

That’s why setbacks hit me so hard. If I lost more (bad grades, team sports, university grades), I would be happier, I think.

Jimmy Fallon

Every smart person and stable person I know both walks and meditates.


Esther Perel

Always take the time to acknowledge people-and not just when you know you have something to gain. If you show interest in them, they will be interested in you. People react to kindness with kindness, to respect with respect. Relationships-even brief ones-are doorways to opportunity.

I love this.

I made sure to transmit the linguistic imperative to my sons.

Word! My neighbour always talks in hushed, soothing and pleading voices with her kids when they misbehave.

Consequently, they do that a lot. Often — it seems — to spite her.

Adam Robinson

Do not allow Friday meetings or deep work.

I do that now. I totally blocked of Friday as my buffer. Works great. I am super relaxed on weekends now.

I get endless delight covertly “ambushing” unsuspecting strangers with random acts of kindness. So, for example, after ordering my iced latte, I’ll give a Starbucks barista a $ 20 bill and tell him to comp the next person.

“Random acts of kindness” is perhaps the best idea I read in this book.

Tom Peters

“Tom, what do you consider the number-one failing of CEOs?” After I hemmed and hawed, he said, “They don’t read enough.”

Told yah!

Esther Dyson

[About saying no] My tip: Ask yourself, “Would you say yes if this were next Tuesday?”

That is a brilliant way to not get trapped in “old” commitments.

Franklin Leonard

More recently, I’ve worried less about failing and more about not risking failure enough.

Yeah. How can you make a habit out of that?

Greg Norman

I brush my teeth standing on one leg, alternating each time.

I do that now in stretching.

Strauss Zelnick

“Always ask: What am I missing? And listen to the answer.”

That is a brilliant way to illicit more answers out of shy people.

Ray Dalio

Bridgewater is known for its culture of “radical transparency,” which includes encouraging dissent, openly airing disagreements, and recording all meetings.

We should look into automated cloud recording on Zoom.

Adam Fisher

“Calendar architecture” is designing and implementing a repeatable schedule every day.

I am doing this for two months now. It’s brilliant.

Aisha Tyler

Try to live in a space of bravery in every aspect of my life: creative, professional, familial, and in my friendships. Being brave means being present and willing to give of yourself regardless of result.

I like “courage” more as a term but applaud the sentiment.

Terry Laughlin

Life is not designed to hand us success or satisfaction, but rather to present us with challenges that make us grow.

Or rather “prevent us” grow.

Reach the nirvana in which love of practice for its own sake (intrinsic) replaces the original goal (extrinsic) as our grail.

Yes, sensei

Marc Benioff

It’s an example of how I learned that if I’m upset about something, I should spend time asking myself, “What could I learn?” Because another opportunity is probably going to come in the future, and I will be better able to re-execute it.

This is my default mode to any mistake or failure. Either mine or others.

Muneeb Ali When I’m old, how much would I be willing to pay to travel back in time and relive the moment that I’m experiencing.

Shit! This is really powerful. Think of this, when you are bored to play with your kids.

Jim Loehr

Protection from stress serves only to erode my capacity [to handle it]. Stress exposure is the stimulus for all growth, and growth actually occurs during episodes of recovery. For me, balancing episodes of stress with equivalent doses of recovery is the answer.

Alright, alright. No “flow” activity for me.

Robert Rodriguez

I’ll tackle one of my undesirable major tasks for a full 20 minutes. No straying from that. During that time, like clockwork, I’ll always have several distractions: tasks and ideas that inevitably pop up in my head.

This is so cool. I do that know. It’s great. “Shit pomodoro”.

Kristen Ulmer

Which is why you shouldn’t wait for crisis to happen before you take steps to go beyond what you’re capable of seeing on your own. Go to marriage counseling when your marriage is going great. What then becomes possible?

Aye, aye. On this now. Need to ask Alexander for a recommendation.

Links to all “most gifted” and “most recommended” books in Tribe of Mentors. I put around 60 from those on my reading list.

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