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Work Rules! - Laszlo Bock

Buch-Review - Hannes Kleist - 12.07.2019

Work Rules!

Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead

Preface: A Guidance Counselor’s Nightmare

Jack Welch, GE’s chairman and CEO from 1981 to 2001. He spent more than 50 percent of his time on people issues.

Why Google’s Rules Will Work for You

Leading with your heart can make a successful business.

Manager should focus not on punishments or rewards but on clearing roadblocks and inspiring her team.

‘You make me want to be a better man’? That is how I feel about Terri as a manager.

All it takes is a belief that people are fundamentally good.

2. “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast”

If you believe people are good, you must be unafraid to share information with them. Transparency is the second cornerstone of our culture.

Every meeting is recorded and made available to all employees.

Culture matters most when it is tested.

3. Lake Wobegon, Where All the New Hires Are Above Average

When hiring people are extremely biased: Assessment occurs in the first three to five minutes of an interview.

Only hire people who are better than you.

It takes longer to find these exceptional people, but it’s always worth the wait.

5. Don’t Trust Your Gut


Unstructured interviews have an r2 of 0.14 (Predicting 14% of future performance).

Reference checks 7%

The best predictor of how someone will perform in a job is a work sample test (29 percent).

The second-best predictors of performance are tests of general cognitive ability (26 percent).

Tied with tests of general cognitive ability are structured interviews (26 percent),

Cognitive ability (predicts 26 percent of performance), when combined with an assessment of conscientiousness (10 percent), is better able to predict who will be successful in a job (36 percent).

My experience is that people who score high on conscientiousness “work to completion” — meaning they don’t stop until a job is done rather than quitting at good enough — and are more likely to feel responsibility for their teams and the environment around them.

Best way: Combining behavioral and situational structured interviews with assessments of cognitive ability, conscientiousness, and leadership.

6. Let the Inmates Run the Asylum

Take power from your managers and trust your people to run things.

7. Why Everyone Hates Performance Management, and What We Decided to Do About It

We prefer meetings where managers sit together and review people as a group.

8. The Two Tails

We could reduce good management to a checklist.

9. Building a Learning Institution

Deliberate practice: intentional repetitions of similar, small tasks with immediate feedback, correction, and experimentation.

In your organization there are people who are expert on every facet of your work.

Individual performance scales linearly, while teaching scales geometrically.

10. Pay Unfairly

The awards pay out in the form of Google Stock Units (GSUs) that vest over time. Team members receive awards based on their level of involvement and contribution, and the largest awards to individuals can reach several million dollars.

11. The Best Things in Life Are Free (or Almost Free)

Our benefits and also our environment to increase the number of “moments of serendipity” that spark creativity.

We also decided to continue paying 50 percent of the Googler’s salary to the survivor for the next ten years.

And if there were children, the family would receive an additional $ 1,000 each month until they turned nineteen, or twenty-three if they were full-time students.

12. Nudge … a Lot

Have a role-and-responsibilities discussion. Match your Noogler with a peer buddy. Help your Noogler build a social network. Set up onboarding check-ins once a month for your Noogler’s first six months. Encourage open dialogue.

It turns out checklists really do work, even when the list is almost patronizingly simple.

Research that shows the simple act of making decisions degrades one’s ability to make further decisions.

Ask questions, lots of questions Schedule regular 1: 1s with your manager. Get to know your team. Actively solicit feedback-don’t wait for it Accept the challenge (i.e., take risks and don’t be afraid to fail … other Googlers will support you).

Using nudges to help people become healthy, wealthy, and wise:

13. It’s Not All Rainbows and Unicorns

Googlers were very upset at the change, because even after just a few years they felt entitled to this program.

14. What You Can Do Starting Tomorrow

Don’t find the best salesperson; find the person who sells best to new accounts of a certain size. Find the person who excels at hitting golf balls at night in the rain. The more specific you can be in slicing expertise, the easier it will be to study your stars and discern why they are more successful than others. Afterword for HR Geeks Only: Building the World’s First People Operations Team

While our best engineers may have hundreds of times more impact than an average engineer, our best recruiter doesn’t have hundreds of times more impact than average.

CEOs want a business orientation and analytical skillset that is harder to find in HR than it ought to be.

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