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Who - The A Method for Hiring - Geoff Smart, Randy Street

Buch-Review - Hannes Kleist - 12.04.2019

Who - The A Method for Hiring

A step-by-step introduction on how to hire better.


Who is your number-one problem. Not what.

A Single hiring blunder on a $ 100,000 employee can cost a company $ 1.5 million or more.


“Managing is easy, except for the people part!”


Scorecards succeed because they focus on outcomes, or what a person must get done (grow revenue from $ 25 million to $ 50 million by the end of year three).

Ironically, all that specificity frees new hires to give the job their best shot.

Hannes: Let’s put the okrs on the job offer and focus on them during hiring.

Critical Competencies for A Players

  • Efficiency: Able to produce significant output with minimal wasted effort.
  • Honesty/ integrity. Does not cut corners ethically. Earns trust and maintains confidences.

Common interview processes are “almost a random predictor” of job performance.

A Players tend to talk about outcomes linked to expectations. B and C Players talk generally about events, people they met, or aspects of the job they liked.

What people say, that were fired: “It was mutual.” “It was time for me to leave.” “My boss and I were not getting along.” “Judy got promoted and I did not.” “My role shrank.” “I missed my number and was told I was on thin ice.” “I slapped the CEO so hard that I lost my $ 3 million severance package.”

What people say who quit: “My biggest client hired me.” “My old boss recruited me to a bigger job.” “The CEO asked me

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, Goldsmith identifies twenty behavioral derailers that can hurt an executive’s career.


Five F’s of selling, are: fit, family, freedom, fortune, and fun.


Boards and investors have a tendency to invest in CEOs who demonstrate openness to feedback, possess great listening skills, and treat people with respect.

“Lambs” were successful 57 percent of the time.

“Cheetahs” in our study were successful 100 percent of the time.

“I want you to pause for a moment and think about the very best person you have working for you. Now I want you to think about the second-best person you have working for you. Now I would like you to think about where your organization would be without them. You would be terrified if you lost them. And you would love to have ten more like them. That is how I feel about the importance of hiring, promoting

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