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How to maximize the pleasure of drinking

Artikel - Hannes Kleist - 17.05.2020

How to maximize the pleasure of drinking

Most people know that what makes 🍺(any alcohol, in fact, weed, gambling, sex, smartphones, social media…) addictive is the dopamine kick it provides to the brain.

A bit less known is that the dopamine is released while or slightly after you drink only with your first ever drink. Once it’s is a habit, your body releases dopamine before 😱 you drink. That’s how it gets your sorry ass to go to the fridge and grab one in the first place.

So “Vorfreude” really is “schönste Freude”.

To maximize the dopamine pleasure, set a policy to only drink at certain times. I myself drink my first beer at 5 pm, only on weekends — of course, Friday is part of the weekend 🥳 and only at full hours thereafter.

Apart from the added benefit of breaking my during-the-week drinking which I proudly sported since leaving my parental home, this gives me small dopamine kicks all day long while I think about that like day.



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