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Remote work hack - Walking meetings

Artikel - Hannes Kleist - 23.03.2020

Remote work hack - Walking meetings

Many office-bound workers are finally enjoying the wonders of working remotely these days due to the Corona crisis.

As we are working fully remotely since our foundation 12 years ago (and the last 5 as an agency) let me share some tips.

Working remotely is hard

You sometimes might feel that the walls are closing in working and living in the same place.

So we developed a practice called “walking meetings”. We stole the inspiration from a couple of heroes who do this in a normal setting: The Queen, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg… to name a few.

Jimmy Fallon even remarked in Tribe of Mentors: “Every smart person and stable person I know both walks and meditates.”

My longest: 28km to Markt Schwaben and back. Karin had to pick me up though ;-)

Remote walking meetings

So we do this remote. Everyone grabs headphones (AirPods Pro - the noise cancellation for both the headphone AND the mic is awesome, you can even talk in a storm — yes, I tried), the Zoom app and the smartphone and of you go.

So many benefits

And best of all: You get super fit. On some days I walk up to 30 km and burn 2000 calories. I lost 7 kg over the last 6 months.

Last year I averaged 5 km.

If you use an Apple watch you get nice stats.

I also recommend a small notebook to record notes and a large water bottle to keep you hydrated.

We do this for larger 1on1s, meetings and even multi-hour workshops. Very few meetings I take at the desk these days.


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